We may not be very pleased by what happened during the last 15 years before our 50th independance. Because those years were characterised by war and violence.

Today, I only want to say that what is important is not what we made of the last 50 years, but what we can make of the future. Because someone said, no matter how dirty the floor gets, the good thing about it is that we can wipe it clean, and that is the Hope this nitiative has of DRC.

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    This is an iniative that aims at forming a vision for the Congo DR and hence participate in the building of a better Congo. It is inspired by the words from the Congolese National Anthem that says: "We will build a better country" So if you are a friend of the congo or the congolese people, and especially if you are a congolese, make a difference and contribute to a better Congo DR.


    June 2010



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