This is a page that will inform you all about Mwema's involvement in humanitarian works. On this page, we believe that you understand what values Mwema give to humanity. He always say, "We should give to humanity all that we possibly can, because it is a blessing to be human."

However this page will only link you to OHW-INTERNATIONAL's website since all the humanitarian works corried out by Mwema are also programs of Operation Healing the Wounds. Your support to these programs will be highly appreciated.

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Feed a 1000 Children

While hunger ravages the  North-Eastern and Ukambani region of Kenya, It has been judged an appropriate move to seek to help at least 1000 children. It is in that spirit that Mwema together with other like-minded people, have decided to bring this program to existence. It is the action chose to reaffirm the fundamental belief that says: "I am my brothers' keeper. I am my sisters' keeper."
As we all understand, it is important to do that which is within our reach because by so doing we not only help others but ourselves too.
We are asking you to donate at any of our stands. For every 1000 Kshs that you donate you will receive a T-shirt so that you can show your support.

Youth for Peace Educational Campaign

The "Youth for Peace" Campaign is a campaign designed by Mwema and conducted by TACTAFRICA. It is a campaign that was conceived after taking serious thoughts about the situation in Kenya after the 2007 general election. Due to all that had happened and to the faillure of the attempts to bring the youth from different ethnic background, Mwema together with the TACTAFRICA staff, decided to move on a more positive note. The objectives of this campaign are as follow:

1. To train the youths in High Schools, Institutions of higher learning, and religious entities about how to fight negative ethnicity, how to build sustainable peace, and how to help the country achieve the vision 2030

2. To teach the people affected by the post election violence, how to live again with those who perpetrated the violence.

3. To form a stong network of volunteers around the country.

4. To fundraise for the building of three peace villages in Kenya.

5. To build three peace villages in the country's most affected ereas.

Free the Children of Congo 

This program is conducted by Operation Healing the Wounds (OHW-International), an organisation founded by Mwema Ndungo in order to responsibly respond and easy human suffering. 

Due to the situation of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and in consideration to the impact of war on the psychology of children; We designed this program to achieve the following objectives:

1. Create awareness on the importance of counselling for children.

2. Provide counselling training to teachers in the province of North Kivu

3.Lobby for the introduction of counselling in the educational system of DRC.

We do believe that you will help to support this program. Protect the Coming Generation.


Taming the Rage

Taming the rage is a program conceived by Tom Ogola and conducted by TACTAFRICA in conjuction with FECCLAHA. It is conceived to promote participatory solution for the unrest in learning institutions and amongst young members of the society. READ MORE

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