Mwema Ndungo is a junior writer from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was born in the eastern region of the country and spent his childhood in Goma. He is a third child of a Congolese Christian family. He lived together with his two sisters, Kimbesa Ndungo Charmante and Safi Ndungo; and his three brothers; Nzanzu Ndungo Morgan,  Isse Ndungo Matthieu and Isse Ndungo Stany. All of them lived under the care of their mother, Kahambu Messi and the responsibility of their father, Mathe Ndungo.

Mwema Ndungo frequented the following schools and colleges, Ecole Communautaire du Lac, Institut Technique de Lukanga, Institut Lukanga, Institut Maranatha, Bridge College, Universite de Goma (Faculte de Medecine.) and currently he is a communication student in Daystar University.

Mwema has become a mentor to a large number of youths in Kenya, DRC, Uganda, and Rwanda. He has currently finished writing his sixth book. But most of all, Mwema has become one of the most inspirational public speakers and a loud voice against negative ethnicity. He is the campaign manager for the "Youth for Peace" campaign organised by TACTAFRICA.

Mwema is the founder of Operation Healing the Wounds- International (OHW-INTERNATIONAL). It is an Non-governmental Organization based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However this organization works in two countries, the DRC and Kenya. To know more about this organization CLICK HERE

"You can be all that you wish to be, all you need is to believe." Those are the words that have kept Mwema moving. Even during the darkest of times.

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