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"Experience is the foundation of leadership. Obligation to the people take precedence to loyalty to an individual."



"One of the most important characteristics of successful administrators in all types of organizations is the ability to make the right decision more often than the wrong one when confronted with insufficient information."



"The man who insist upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides"



Isn't time to give a chance?
To the period of a white flag
As we are tired of this tug
It is time to get real change
We have so much shame
For the rape of our sisters and mothers
We cannot look at our fathers
For we are all worth blame

As young men, it is our duty
To clean our old behaviour
Because it is so much dirty

Let us build for new generations
A foundation for a strong nation
Where shall flourish Human Right


 The night has grown old
It is time to wake up
The night was so cold
But light has come up
It is time to labour
Involving also the neighbour
To build peace and love
To fight for it like the last brave

We cannot keep the status quo
If it does not help us to live
And to express what we believe

Let us now take action
For we are the only solution
To the problems of our world.